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ONIX files & Product Catalogues

ONIX files & Product Catalogues

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ONIX files for new books coming over the next few months (last updated 30th April 2018):

ONIX for books publishing in the next 30 days (1Mb)

ONIX for books publishing in the next 60 days (18Mb)

ONIX for books publishing in the next 90 days (22Mb)

ONIX for books publishing in the next 180 days (30Mb)


Full eBooks ONIX:

ONIX for our current eBooks (157 Mb)  (last updated 26th March 2018)


For our Australian customers:

You may find this full catalogue ONIX useful

Full file (300 Mb) (last updated 20th August 2018)

Below you will find this months Delta files

1st October 2018 (5Mb)

16th September 2018 (9Mb)

9th September 2018 (10Mb)


Seasonal Catalogue

Here you can find our latest forthcoming titles catalogues:

January to February 2019 for UK (Size: 27Mb), US (Size: 28Mb), and the corresponding excel lists: UK US.

November to December 2018 for UK (Size: 27Mb), US (Size: 28Mb), Australia (Size: 30Mb) and New Zealand (Size: 34Mb) and the corresponding excel lists: UK US Australia New Zealand.

September to October 2018 for UK (Size: 29Mb), US (Size: 29Mb), Australia (Size: 33Mb) and New Zealand (Size: 33Mb) and the corresponding excel lists: UK  US Australia New Zealand.

July to September 2018 for UK (Size: 22Mb), US (Size: 27Mb), Australia (Size: 28MB) and New Zealand (Size: 28 Mb) and the corresponding excel lists: UK  US  Australia  New Zealand.

April to June 2018 for UK (Size: 31Mb) and US (Size: 36Mb), and the corresponding excel lists: UK  US.

January to March 2018 for UK (Size: 40Mb) and US (Size: 42Mb), and the corresponding excel lists: UK  US.

October to December 2017 for UK (Size: 32Mb) plus the Library Reference titles list (Size:14Mb) and US (Size: 36Mb, all Lib/Ref titles included within main catalogue), and the corresponding excel lists: UK   Lib/Ref   US.

July to September 2017 for UK (Size: 9.4Mb) and US (Size: 22Mb), and the corresponding excel list.

April to June 2017 for UK (Size: 22Mb) and US (Size: 28Mb), and the corresponding excel list.

January to March 2017 for UK (Size: 36Mb) and US (Size: 38Mb), and the corresponding excel list.

October to December 2016 for UK (Size: 36.9Mb) and US (Size: 37.9Mb), and the corresponding excel list.

July to September 2016 for UK (Size: 26.29M) and US (Size: 23.68Mb), and the corresponding excel list.

April to June 2016 for UK (Size: 33.4Mb) and US (Size: 30.2Mb), and the corresponding excel list.


Subject Catalogues 2018

African Studies 2018 GBP

Apple Academic Press Jan to March 2018 GBP and Apr to June 2018 GBP

Apple Academic Press Top 2017 Titles GBP

Agriculture and Life Sciences 2018 GBP

Anthropology 2018 GBP

Archaeology, Museum and Heritage Studies  2018 GBP

Architecture 2018 - 2019 GBP

Arts 2018 GBP

Asian Studies 2018 GBP

ASM Press 2018 - 2019 GBP

Aviation 2018 GBP

Biomedical Science 2018 GBP

British Medical Association Awards 2018 GBP

Built Environment 2018 GBP

Business and Management 2018 GBP

Chemistry and Chemical Engineering 2018 GBP

Civil and Mechanical Engineering 2018 GBP

Classical Studies 2018 GBP

Communication Studies 2018 GBP

Computer Science, Information Technology and Game Design 2018 GBP

Criminology 2018 GBP

Dentistry 2018 GBP

Development Studies 2018 GBP

Economics 2018 GBP

Education and Further Education 2018 GBP

Electrical Engineering 2018 GBP

Environmental Sciences, Engineering, Sustainability & Energy 2018 GBP

Ergonomics, Human Factors, Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing 2018 GBP

Focal Press 2018 GBP

Food Science and Nutrition 2018 GBP

Food Studies 2018 - New GBP

Forensic Science, Law Enforcement and Homeland Security 2018 GBP

Gaming Technology and Animation 2018 GBP

Gender Studies 2018 GBP

Geography 2018 GBP

Geography (new) 2018 GBP

Health and Social Care 2018 GBP

Health and Safety 2018 GBP

History 2018 GBP

Informa Law from Routledge Professional Texts 2018 GBP

Language and Linguistics 2018 GBP

Latin American Studies 2018 GBP

Law and Legal Studies 2018 GBP

Library Reference 2018 GBP

Life Sciences 2010 - 2018 (CRC Press) GBP

Literature 2018 GBP

Macat Publishing 2018 - New and Updated GBP

Macat Publishing 2018 GBP

Macat Publishing additional titles for Jan 2018 GBP

Maritime and Shipping 2018 GBP

Mathematics and Statistics 2018 GBP

Media and Cultural Studies 2018 GBP

Medicine and Veterinary Medicine 2017-2018 GBP and 2018-2019 GBP

Mental Health Studies 2018 GBP

Middle East Studies 2018 GBP

Migration Studies 2018 GBP

Military, Security and Strategic Studies 2018 GBP

Newly Acquired Titles from Karnac Books - 2017 Bestsellers GBP

Pan Stanford 2019 GBP

Philosophy 2018 GBP

Physics and Material Sciences 2018 GBP

Politics and International Relations 2018 GBP

Politics - Textbooks 2018 GBP Supplementary 2018 GBP Research 2018 GBP

Psychological Sciences 2018 GBP

Public Administration and Policy 2018 GBP

Religion 2018 GBP

Research Methods 2018 GBP

Routledge Classics 2018 GBP

Routledge Handbooks and Companions 2018 GBP

Routledge Major Works and Library Editions Oct 2017-Dec 2018 GBP

SDC Publications 2018 GBP

Sociology 2018 GBP

Speechmark 2018 - 2019 GBP

Sport and Leisure 2018 GBP

Student Reference 2018 GBP

Titles reviewed by Choice Magazine Sept 2016 to Sept 2018 GBP

Tourism, Hospitality and Events 2018 GBP

Water Studies 2018 GBP

SDC Catalogue - Autodesk 2017 GBP and Solidworks 2017 GBP

Titles Reviewed by Choice magazine GBP


Product Catalogues

Below we have a series of ONIX full product profiles, updated monthly (last updated 29th May 2018)


Built Environment

Business Economics

Culture Media Arts












Philosophy and Religion





Social Science

Sport Leisure


Autumn/Winter 2018 Rights Catalogue

Below you will find a link to the Autumn/Winter 2018 Rights catalogue for Routledge UK, Psychology Press and CRC Press titles.

Our dedicated Rights team has a wealth of experience in licensing translation rights worldwide and in-depth knowledge of our books and international publishing markets.

To request further information or an evaluation copy of any of the publications in this catalogue, please feel free to contact our Rights team – details can be found inside the catalogue

UK Rights Catalogue - Autumn/Winter 2018

US Rights Catalogue - Autumn/Winter 2018